Rave Reviews

Your site is awesome! One of the best wetlook sites on the net!
-- wettwolf327, 12/28/2005
I have just joined your site and I have to say it is by far the best!
-- wethair2, 09/30/2005
Love the site, it has become my favorite. Isabel is just amazing!... Keep up the great work!
-- froggy, 12/02/2005
This is one of the better sites that I have seen yet. Good models and GREAT photography!
-- sean122, 11/26/2005
I think I may have died and gone to heaven! Brilliant! These girls are just having plain simple FUN!
-- auswet, 09/30/2005
Joined today and already enjoy your wonderful photos. The girls really seem to enjoy this!
-- wambert, 09/28/2005
I would like to tell you that your site is absolutely wonderful! Beautiful models, nice outfits and lovely locations.
-- hschraep, 11/23/2005
Oh God! What an outfit!... This site gets better by the day!
-- froggy, 12/27/2005
Just joined your site. The pictures are awesome! You have got some beautiful girls to work with. Thank you very much for making these available, they are some of the best on the net!
-- Scott, 11/12/2005
Alas, finally someone who got it right. I love the way the girls dive under water. Wet hair is just as important as the clothes. It always looks the best when it's coming up from being submerged.
-- djmark, 11/11/2005
Just joined your website. Great stuff, beautiful models, they look happy and enjoying the shoot. Ecstatic about the wet booted shots in particular. Tight wet clothing on your shapely girls looks fantastic!
-- johnalees, 12/20/2005
I love to see pretty ladies with wet slicked back hair and considering the number of sites around, good photos are rare. But your site is absolutely perfect!
-- wethair2, 09/30/2005
Just saw all your sets, even the older ones now include hires 1800x1200 resolution. Just great! Your sets are great, girl-next-door-type models, veeery good quality, I just love it :-D
-- Kay, 12/26/2005
As for me: close to perfect!
-- sith, 09/28/2005
What a woman! This is one of the hottest photosets I have ever seen.
-- inking2, 11/17/2005
Fantastic....absolutely fantastic!!! The girls are beautiful too! :-D
-- Sokar, 12/24/2005
Have recently joined your site. The photos are extremely good in quality and variety!
-- murren, 11/22/2005
i must be dreaming! I CANT WAIT TO SEE MORE!!!!!!!
-- r 2 da z, 12/26/2005
Hi, great site you've created! And the girls are having fun, so it seems. My compliments.
-- peterhnl, 11/26/2005
-- kitchother, 10/06/2005
I just wanted to tell you that I really like the site you have created here. Love the girls and their pics, especially those with boots.
-- Stiefelpeter, 10/11/2005
Just discovered your magnificent site, nothing finer than beautiful women soaking wet fully clothed...really love seeing all those excellent boots in the pool!
-- wetbabes4dm, 09/26/2005
I like your site so much that I joined today!
-- B69W5q, 09/30/2005
I... have... no... words!!! Naughty Isabel! :-D What an amazing set!! Her looks as she's playing with the photographer are so... WOW! Can't hardly wait to see more of the set!
-- Kay, 12/26/2005
Fantastic gallery! Isabel is really hot!
-- Ikarus, 17/12/2005
Thanks for a FANTASTIC site!!!
-- sneakerluvr, 12/19/2005
I'm glad I found your site, and can't thank you enough!
-- KayNine, 12/26/2005
These are GREAT photos! Arra is beautiful. WOW!
-- Anonymous, 07/12/2005
Awesome site!
-- 33118, 12/05/2005
I think this site is really great! The models are beautiful!
-- royboy05, 12/04/2005
That last session in jeans with the blouse and the green shirt did make my choice. All the girls are super, but Michelle is outstanding!
-- sjakie, 09/12/2005
Magnificent photos of a beautiful girl!
-- Sopping, Sat 17/12/2005
thank you a lot! outstanding pictures, and a girl of my dreams... :-)
-- matthew, 12/17/2005
Wow, your wet hair pics are top-notch!!!! The models seem to enjoy themselves too!!!
-- pellegrino, 10/07/2005
Great site!! :-D :-D :-D
-- WETT-SHIRTLOVER69, 09/26/2005
The fun she obviously has and her smile makes the whole set absolutely gorgeous! All your sets so far are GREAT! Especially the set 11/21 was unbelievable -- a stylish, good-looking girl being dressed-up yet wearing everyday clothes enjoying a swim like that -- still stunned!
-- KayNine, 12/04/2005
This is a great site! A very nice combination of beautiful girls nice outfits and high quality of the photos!
-- sith, 09/26/2005

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